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                Shanghai Holdenchem CO.,Ltd.


                Shanghai Holdenchem CO.,Ltd.

                Supplier of special and functional chemicals

                Supplier of Fortune 500 companies

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                ABOUT US


                Shanghai Holdenchem Co., Ltd. ("Holdenchem") was established in 2005. Approved by the National Small and Medium Enterprise Share Transfer System Co., Ltd. in October 2016.

                Being focused on the research, development, production, trade and service of fine chemicals, Holdenchem now is a specialized manufacturer and trader of Imidazole series and aziridine series of products. Currently, we have successfully developed nearly 20 projects of Imidazole serial derivatives, which are mainly used in the fields of new materials, epoxy curing agents, accelerators, coatings, inks, pharmaceuticals, pesticide intermediates, etc.; as to aziridine series, we have developed two-component purposed aziridine type and aziridine-modified isocyanates, as well as the Isocyanates used for one-component.

                After more than ten years of development, Holdenchem now has three wholly-owned subsidiaries: Jiangsu Cale New Material Co., Ltd.., Ningxia Joie Material Co.,Ltd and Shanghai Jianzhuo Biotech Co., Ltd. At present, Jiangsu Cale New Material Co., Ltd. and Ningxia Joie Material Co.,Ltd are for chemical production; Shanghai Jianzhuo Biotech Co., Ltd. focuses on the application development and service of products.

                At the same time, Holdenchem has in-depth cooperation with Shanghai Reagent Research Institute, Nanjing Normal University, Yancheng Institute of Technology and other research institutions to actively develop and broaden downstream derivatives to meet the needs of new materials, APIs and pesticides, etc. Now, our company has 30 invention patents.

                Currently, Holdenchem has two independent brands - Holden, Cale.

                Holdenchem always adheres to the core values ??of "Integrity, Innovation, Responsibility, and Efficiency", keeps such mission of "creating value for society, for customers, and for employees" in the mind, and ultimately works hard to make Holdenchem "the world's leading service provider of specialty chemicals".



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